This Could Be Catherine The Great's Worst Nightmare...

1. In The Great, Catherine meets Peter III when he is as of now Emperor, not long before their marriage. In actuality, the succession of occasions was altogether different.


Catherine and Peter really met when she was 10 and he was 11. They wedded in 1745, when Peter was 17 and Catherine was 16 – 17 years before Peter would take the seat and Catherine would dismiss him.

2. Peter's auntie Elizabeth was really Empress for the majority of Catherine and Peter's marriage – in spite of the fact that the genuine Elizabeth was not exactly the character she is in the show.


The Great wrecks with the family tree a piece. All things considered, Peter III was the grandson of Peter the Great – his mom and Elizabeth were Peter the Great's girls. In the show, Peter III has been made the child of Peter the Great, and keeping in mind that Elizabeth remains his mom's more youthful sister, she has no connection to Peter the Great herself. Subsequently the entirety of her discussion of slamming him (excessively ungainly when you consider she was his little girl, all things considered).

3. Elizabeth had become Empress in the wake of removing Ivan IV, who was Emperor at that point – and a real child.


We see him as a child on The Great – one who is in no way Emperor, and who is murdered with the aid of Elizabeth. But the actual Ivan became Emperor at best two months old, became deposed with the aid of Elizabeth simply over a year later, and become imprisoned until the age of 23, when he become murdered by means of his guards for the duration of the reign of Catherine the Great.

4. In The Great, Peter III has extreme parental issues – particularly in which his mother is concerned.

The show delineates Peter's mom as a remorseless individual who sincerely manhandled him. Truly, Peter never knew his mom – she kicked the bucket not long after he was conceived.

5. Peter III became Emperor in 1762, upon the demise of his auntie Elizabeth.


He was a month shy of his 34th birthday celebration when he rose to the seat. 

The greater part of the data we have about who he was as an individual comes directly from Catherine herself, and she had a personal stake in making him look terrible, considering she toppled him what not. She depicts him as a repulsive, idiotic and remorseless alcoholic – a depiction the show absolutely inclines toward. 

Be that as it may, the show likewise delineates him as a sad ruler who isn't keen on progress, which repudiates a portion of the genuine approaches he actualized in his short rule. For example, he announced strict opportunity, extended instruction, and made it illicit for landowners to kill their serfs. Little advances, however ventures forward by the by.

6. In The Great, one of Catherine's issues at court is her Germanness, contrary to Peter's Russianness, however in actuality he was additionally German and estranged his own Russian court.


He encircle himself with individual Germans and sought after an ace Prussian military motivation.

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