Here's What People Are Saying About Star Wars.

GN just hosted another Watch From Home Theater, this time featuring screenwriters Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz talking about everyone's favorite Star Wars prequel, Rogue One. Their live commentary track was extremely entertaining and informative, offering new insight into key characters and plot points and also shedding more light on the ways the film changed during production.If you missed our Rogue One WFH Theater, you can still check it out in the player above or below. But if you just want to know the key takeaways from the episode, read on to learn more about the new details Whitta and Weitz revealed.
Rogue One: 17 Cool Star Wars Details Revealed by the Writers
Rogue One's Other Titles The Rogue One team went through a number of different working titles for the film before finally settling on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Other possible titles included "Dark Times," "Rebellion" and "Shadow of the Death Star."
Whitta said, "We had a lot. At one point, John Swartz, who was one of the creative executives on the film, had a list and we all kind of voted on the ones that we liked. I contributed two. … Shadow of the Death Star and all these kind of fancy titles. One of the things that occurred to me, I went back and looked to all the previous films, and this continues to be true even with the sequel trilogy now being completed, the titles of Star Wars saga films are always either three words or four words long. They just all are. And so it occurred to me that one of the ways we could differentiate this movie from the rest is we had a title that was only one word or two words long. So like Star Wars: Rebellion, Star Wars: Rogue One, things like that. Let’s do a title that’s shorter so that even from the title of the movie, you know this is something that doesn’t necessarily conform to the unwritten rules of the saga films."

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